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A degree in a STEM field provides a great return on investment. Your Mines degree will take you as far as you want to go, including all the way to the top!


Starting Fall 2019, the South Dakota Advantage allows new students from Colorado, Iowa, Montana,
Nebraska, North Dakota and Wyoming to pay the in-state rate. Minnesota students receive reciprocity and
students of Mines alumni pay the in-state rate. Affordable tuition along with a variety of scholarships makes SD Mines a great buy.

Starting Salary & Job Placement

Average Starting
Salaries of More than

Excellent Job
茄子成视频人app下载Placement Rate

$63,000 97%
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Students are hired by such powerhouse businesses as Google, Medtronics, Garmin, Barrick Gold, Microsoft,
Morgan Stanley and Amazon or are accepted into prestigious graduate programs, including medical school.
Prior to graduation, many students have a paid internship or co-op experience, earning nearly $19/hour, and
many are offered jobs before they even graduate!

Better than MIT

A Forbes magazine article titled "", further lays out the value of an education from SD Mines when compared to other universities. In this piece, Rick Kahler, a wealth advisor and president of Kahler Financial Group, points out that, "While graduating from MIT might sound impressive, the average four-year cost of about $200,000 doesn't guarantee any better paying job than graduating from the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology at an average four-year cost of about $82,000. MIT students received average salary offers of $70,300 in 2015, according to Business Insider, while SDSM&T students received $61,346 in 2016. Viewing this another way, the difference in total cost between MIT and SDSM&T is about $118,000. For that you get an extra $9,000 a year in earnings. However, if you apply all of the extra earnings to amortizing the extra $118,000 cost at 5%, it will take you over 20 years to break even. That is not a good deal."

Military and Veteran Friendly

Active duty military personnel and reserves on active duty status are eligible for a reduced tuition rate and do not pay fees.  ranks SD Mines among the best schools in the nation for veteran and military students based on military student services and rates of academic achievement. Veteran graduates have a 100% placement rate. Learn more about our Veterans Resource Center